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Sigibert less than 1 minute ago in De Re Militari • updated less than 1 minute ago 0

Would be nice to put some notes behind clans so you know who you're friends with and stuff right away.

Could even be color coded: green = friendly | red = unfriendly | white = neutral

Sigibert 17 hours ago in De Re Militari • updated 12 hours ago 1


Since the Epic as originally planned is not very likely to happen and the devs have announced their idea of the "Wilderness" being an open-worldish PvE quests-based area, I would suggest to find a way of combining the strategic Militari map with the open-world Wilderness map so that the game as a whole can function as a meaningful unit and not just offer a couple of unrelated game modes.


PvE and clan-based PvP should both play a role in the open-world map. Clans should have their strongholds and fiefs just as they do on the strategic Militari map. New players and casuals should also be able to join and have fun without fearing to get bothered by high leveled try-hards. The bigger war in De Re Militari should affect the goings-on of the Wilderness map and vice versa.


the map:

Both the 2D Militari and the 3D Wilderness map should have certain spots reserved for castles and fiefs to appear. If they don't those spots will stay empty. To keep things concise and interesting castles and fiefs shouldn't be spread out as much within the Wilderness map. Castles could be relatively close to one another, maybe 100 meters apart while fiefs are little more than fenced huts just next to a castle. Castles could look the same way they would in the actual raids but they don't have to. They can be smaller representations of them. As of now, the 2D militari map can accommodate plenty clans but since the 3D open-world map naturally can't expand indefinitely there would have to be a cut. Let's say up to 5 castles can be on one map, any further castle will be put on a separate map which can be another instance of the same map or a totally new one.

Clan PvP:

Clans will spawn within their stronghold. They and everybody else are safe there since it's a duel area just like the lobby. It is where clans will train and people can go to to chat and join a clan. That way clans would be physically present for everybody and not just a name on a list. Outside of the strongholds is a free PvP zone for all clan members. You can go out with 5 of your buddies and bother unsuspecting members of your enemy clans. It could give you some extra XP for it maybe. Everybody else that's not in a clan shouldn't be bothered by clans. They are there to enjoy the map, make friends or do quests.


In order to make raids on the 2D Militari map more immersive and interesting you could have some pre-raids on the 3D Wilderness map. Those would be scheduled as well and could be done at any time between the scheduling and the actual raid. Let's say the raid is scheduled at 20:00 and your pre-raid at 18:00. When it's 18:00 flags would appear somewhere in the castle or the fief respectively and the attacking side could try to take them or destroy something within it while the defenders would try to stop them from it. This will have some impact on the later battle at 20:00. The victor could either earn some more troops or gold to clothe their troops (which should be a thing to begin with). Of course it should be kept within reasonable limits as to not punish one side too harshly. Pre-Raids should be about fun and immersion first of all. It could either be limited for the people signed up for it or open for everybody who would like to have a fight. That could be changed later depending on how it works.


The devs already told us that there will be PvE quests in the world. Clans could also play a role in it... Maybe a new player gets the quest to deliver "an important message" to King Ferdnand of TKM or any random player who just happens to be logged in. King Ferdnand should then be notified that a messenger is on his way to him so he doesn't randomly log out in the meantime. If he does though the quest will be cancelled. The messenger will get an arrow or something where to go. If the quest is done successfully both will get something for it, XP gold or whatever.

Drakoy 1 day ago in De Re Militari 0

I am missing the feature to zoom in and out would bind it to scrollwheel just gives a nice overview and you could zoom in if you want to see things in more detail

Sigibert 1 day ago in Crazy Idea 0

Ingame voice chat, how bout that?

Sigibert 1 day ago in Combat • updated by Crixus 1 day ago 2

The idea might have been nice but in practice it just slows down your reaction time. Everytime you supposedly blocked an attack there is a small delay before you can attack again so your opponent can just spam you to death.

It was nicer before because it was quicker and didn't feel artificially slowed down.

Vektis 1 day ago 0

In the dev log it was implied pvp in the wilderness might be aggravating for players trying to complete quests or other non pvp activities.
So why not make a certain area of the wilderness for Pvp only. With a warning before you crossed into pvp areas that warn you. You could even make it more interesting and have players lose a certain amount of coins on death or gear they're wearing. But if a loot system was added there probably should be a safe pvp area where nothing happens on death and a dangerous area where the items are dropped on death for the hard core players. I personally would love that. Pvp is way more exciting when theres a big risk

Will fix
Sigibert 1 day ago in General • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 day ago 1

I like the new chat box in nightly but currently old messages disappear as well while you're typing a message. As long as you type you should see the whole history

Of Kings And Men 1 day ago

It's a bug, will be fixed.

System-Zero 1 day ago in General • updated by Ouki 1 day ago 1

Since the epic is no longer happening, what are the goals for full release and in what order are features going to be added? What can we expect when this game is finished?

Sigibert 2 days ago in Crazy Idea • updated by kaktus14 24 hours ago 6

The original idea of Stronghold was the pearl of the old Melee Battlegrounds before the Kickstarter failed and they tried to do the Epic instead and epically failed doing it.

However, the idea was fun and I'm sure it would attract many people far more than any of the purely combat centered modes we currently have or that are currently being worked on.

You have a little bit of everything:

Building your village, conquering resources, sieging.

Sigibert 3 days ago in Combat 0