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Ramses 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated by Sigibert 2 weeks ago 1

Currently, hitboxes of weapons seem to apply from the middle of the blade to the tip. This allows weapons to swing through characters, shields, blocks etc. Fix the hitboxes by starting them at the base of the blade, not the middle.

Example (The most popular Okam artwork on steam): 

Example video(Ignore the first problem, its the second one): 

Creuzet 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated 2 weeks ago 1

Couched lances and spear bracing when horses will be introduced, ability for weapons like pole axes or war hammers to switch the side you use for attack (cut/blunt or blunt/pierce).

Lorenzo Vanutelli 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated by Sigibert 2 weeks ago 1

Make arrows appear thicker when flying, they r impossible to track and u cant judge your shots

Lorenzo Vanutelli 2 weeks ago in Combat 0

Bad attacks - swinging in thin air or missing an attack will give you an attack speed debuff ( just like the bad block one ) resulting you in losing your turn if you miss your attack.This will reduce overall attack spamming and random swinging in game and make ppl be more careful and know their weapon reach.

Sigibert 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated by Mara 2 weeks ago 4

Leave jumping in as a means of getting over obstacles but remove the ability to attack while jumping. It's too easy too exploit (i.e. jump slashes to get a headshot in against shielders... not much you can do about it)

It's also immersion breaking.

[NSX] Crusader 6 days ago in Combat 0

Make bad blocks more obvious to the bad blocker so that we can hear it and know we should defend the next attack rather than swinging again. I can't hear it well enough even after editing audio settings to favor voice and SFX. please make it more obvious

Ouki 1 week ago in Combat 0

Currently once your shield breaks you cant attack until you reset your stance by letting go of your mouse, which, in group combat basically means your death. 

Ouki 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated by Malecar 4 days ago 2

Remove the full swing feints or late feints from the game, seems like a bug in the combat system to me as the whole swing goes through as a normal swing but its actually a feint. 

Ross the Great 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated by Crixus 2 weeks ago 1

For instance the Knightly Great Helm, The heraldry could wrap around the front facing part of the helm.

Sigibert 4 days ago in Combat 0


Emil 4 days ago in Combat 0

For example if someone has 5 kills in a row without dying, there could be a XP reward for killing this dude (like an archer's "you killed someone single-handedly").

Sigibert 1 week ago in Combat 0

When playing with 1h (and shield) there is a delay after a successful block that doesn't occur when fighting with 2h weapons. It stops me from effectively counter attacking which is why I'm using RMB shield block sometimes as it allows me to attack quicker.

Right now it's too easy for 2handers to spam shielders making it an undesirable choice of weapons.

Sigibert 2 weeks ago in Combat • updated 2 weeks ago 2

Shields should visibly break down and/or have a health bar so you know in advance when your shield will break.

Heady 2 weeks ago in Combat 0

Make okam great again

Drakei 6 days ago in Combat • updated 4 days ago 2

It is sorta unrealistic with shields breaking for a few sword hits.  I purpose that the shield not break but fall to the ground.  Once the shield falls then one has to wait a few seconds til they can pick it up back up. Instead of the shield health bar it should just be the player's grip bar.   This way you can you can take away an enemies shield but if you don't press your advantage you will have to face it again!