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No jump attacks

Siegbert 2 months ago in Combat • updated by Ser Twenty Goodmen 1 week ago 7

Leave jumping in as a means of getting over obstacles but remove the ability to attack while jumping. It's too easy too exploit (i.e. jump slashes to get a headshot in against shielders... not much you can do about it)

It's also immersion breaking.


Formations and Shield Interlocking

Ross the Great 1 month ago in Combat • updated 1 month ago 2

I think that doing interlocking formations would be a great idea. A member of TN mentioned this and he asked me to post something here about it. (Name, st. petertherock) where if you hit a button next to someone with a shield, it snaps you to a position right next to them (Whichever side you're closer to, or which ever side is open) this could allow for proper interlocking formations and doing things like pseudo formations and of that sort. It also would make things easier when walking in a formation as well! 

My secondary thoughts where not only implementing this idea to shielders, but to formations in general! So lets say you have 7 guys in a battle and you need to get into a formation quickly. Someone initiates a Wedge formation and it highlights areas on the ground around the player (Where if you walk close enough to it and press a button it will snap you to the position via walking or something like that, where you're still attackable when doing that to make sure it's not exploitable) and they all are able to see that there's places on the ground they can walk up to and (pressing a button) be placed into. The other idea I had was being able to MAKE formations using different type weapons as the tile placing type. (Explained everything later)

My idea in a little more organised of an area.

Creation of Formations:

A GUI in the Main Menu that allows you to place "Tiles" that players can snap to in a formation, that also allows you to save them to use later in battle as a selection slot (Similar to how shouts and emotes work now, you'd press a button and come up with 9 slots that you can save and rename with the name you choose for the formation).

Iterating more on the tile placement of things, You'll be given infinite placeable tiles for each given weapon type, so you'll have "Shield" tiles (which allows anyone with a shield to be moved to that position) "Polearm", "2 Handed", "1 Handed" (without shield, or make it so 1h can be used with or without shields), etc. for each DEFINED weapon type in game. You will also be given 1 special tile type, which is the "Commander" tile. This tile is where the formation starts/is anchored to when you initiate the formation.

For game limitations only allow a 7 x 7 grid to build a formation on. Each tile represents 50-60 CM. 

Usage of Formations:

After creating (or using premade formations) You are able to use the formations in battle using the N key (Or any unused key) and will have the option of 1-9 number keys to select which formation you want to initiate. (Set it like the emotes so you can only have a few formations per side) Once the selected formation is initiated and the formation is created with visuals on the ground around the player. For instance a "Shield Wall" that has 1h in front will appear blue for the 1h to go to, and have archers behind them appearing as yellow to signal this placement is for archers.

Once a player has been initiated to the formation they will auto walk to a certain point (probably fairly easy to do this actually, rotate the players character to the location in the world and have the character auto walk until it reaches it's destination). The character must be within 5-7 meters of the location to get into the formation though, for purposes of trolls breaking the game and all. As the "Commander" moves, the formation will move. If the commander wants the formation to rotate they must hit < or > to rotate the formation.

The formation should only be valid if the size of the formation fits inside of the location it's trying to be activated/moved into. If the formation is a 7x3 shield wall with polearms/archers then it obviously can't be activated in a corridor that's only the size of 3 tiles wide. (Or be moved into it, might bring up some problems)

How the people move if the formations move:

So this one is a little Iffy. My idea would be that the player will automatically walk to the location they're "Assigned" to, however I don't know how well that would work. Meaning they can jump and such, but that means they can't go forward or backward and travel at the same speed as everyone if they're in the formation, if they're not in the formation they attempt to sprint to the location. The player must jump if required unless there's a way to auto jump when needed too.

If the commander dies?

multiple "Commander" tiles should be placed, however if no "Commanders" are present, then a player has the ability to leave the formation (By pressing the same key as entering, or by pressing a differing one, depending on feedback) and going to the commander position (Possibly until the original commander comes back) 

Can any player create/use a formation?

Hopefully, yes. If a random player wants to initiate a formation then they can, if there is another attempt at a formation and it's full/nearly full then the player with 1-3 people in their formation is disbanded to follow the "Main Formation". 

How many formations should be allowed in a battle at once?

I think that a maximum of 3 formations per side is a reasonable number, maybe have it scale with the number of players as well. 

What kind of modes should this be allowed in?

I think that any mode should have it, but just Field Battles/raids would be great on it's own.

I know this is a litteral wall of text, but I really like this idea and I hope many of you do too. If you have a question about it please mention me in OKAM discord @Ross the Great#8525 


Fix hitbox issues

Ramses 3 months ago in Combat • updated by Siegbert 2 months ago 1

Currently, hitboxes of weapons seem to apply from the middle of the blade to the tip. This allows weapons to swing through characters, shields, blocks etc. Fix the hitboxes by starting them at the base of the blade, not the middle.

Example (The most popular Okam artwork on steam): 

Example video(Ignore the first problem, its the second one): 


Alternative uses for weapons.

Creuzet 3 months ago in Combat • updated 2 months ago 1

Couched lances and spear bracing when horses will be introduced, ability for weapons like pole axes or war hammers to switch the side you use for attack (cut/blunt or blunt/pierce).


Arrows not visible enough

Lorenzo Vanutelli 3 months ago in Combat • updated by Siegbert 3 months ago 1

Make arrows appear thicker when flying, they r impossible to track and u cant judge your shots


unnecessary re-chambering of ammunition when harmed.

Peedeoo7 4 weeks ago in Combat • updated by c47 4 weeks ago 1

When you are hit when you have a crossbow and aiming/past the stage of placing ammunition in, you have to place a whole new piece of ammunition in. Like somehow the ammunition placed suddenly disappeared. If you were interrupted aiming, surely you would think you would be able to immediately go back to aiming. But you instead you have to place a new bolt in. Please change that, I don't believe that's intended.

Same issue with the bow. the arrow it already knocked and you suddenly have to draw a new one if you were interrupted instead of resuming aiming.

Just simple stuff like that.

Additional request/suggestion: Also perhaps allow crossbowman to move while aiming? That tends to drive people away from using it since your a sitting duck.

Will fix

Spear stab bug

kaktus14 1 month ago in Combat • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 weeks ago 1

Spear stabs without a shield are for some reason blocked corectly with lower left diagonal and badly with a stab stance. It should be exactly opposite corectly with stab stance and badly with lower diagonal.


Bad Attacks

Lorenzo Vanutelli 3 months ago in Combat • updated by Brim 3 weeks ago 1

Bad attacks - swinging in thin air or missing an attack will give you an attack speed debuff ( just like the bad block one ) resulting you in losing your turn if you miss your attack.This will reduce overall attack spamming and random swinging in game and make ppl be more careful and know their weapon reach.


Stronger nudge for shield bashes

Drakei 1 month ago in Combat • updated 1 month ago 2

If you nudge someone with a shield it should do more than a weapon nudge


Make bad block more obvious

[NSX] Crusader 2 months ago in Combat 0

Make bad blocks more obvious to the bad blocker so that we can hear it and know we should defend the next attack rather than swinging again. I can't hear it well enough even after editing audio settings to favor voice and SFX. please make it more obvious


Shield break bug

Ouki 2 months ago in Combat 0

Currently once your shield breaks you cant attack until you reset your stance by letting go of your mouse, which, in group combat basically means your death. 


Remove late feints

Ouki 2 months ago in Combat • updated by Brim 3 weeks ago 3

Remove the full swing feints or late feints from the game, seems like a bug in the combat system to me as the whole swing goes through as a normal swing but its actually a feint. 


Heraldry on Shields and/or certain kinds of helms

Ross the Great 3 months ago in Combat • updated by Crixus 3 months ago 1

For instance the Knightly Great Helm, The heraldry could wrap around the front facing part of the helm.


Allow the slot that is normaly reserved for the selection of the shield, to double (when have a bow) as the slot for your secondary melee weapon.

Peedeoo7 1 month ago in Combat • updated by Chralex 1 week ago 4

Simple concept, and hopefully simple implication in coding.

Simply have the selected bow to take the slot above, and only one-handed weapons be able to fill where currently shields can only reside.

If they try to place a 2-handed weapon or shield, have it take dominance and kick it from equip. Surely you can prevent someone from easily equipping a 2-handed sword or something.

Honestly, I don't know how this is not in yet, especially when you chance the hatchet to the knightly sword. Thought you would do that and lead into customization but I guess it had a reason.

Anyway surely besides the one-handed Morningstar, isn't the knightly sword already one of the most widely accepted powerful standardized one-handers?

Anyway, what's your thoughts? OP, actually hard to implement, not a priority, exa?


Reward for killing high ranked people

Emil 2 months ago in Combat • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 month ago 1

For example if someone has 5 kills in a row without dying, there could be a XP reward for killing this dude (like an archer's "you killed someone single-handedly").

Of Kings And Men 1 month ago

It actually already works that way in Conquest, but we'll add the mechanic to other PvP modes as well.