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Duel Leaderboard (elo system)

Tobi 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 month ago 5

A lot of people love duelling. Why not have a leaderboard so people can test their skill while still having fun. 

I personally would prefer a elo system with small monthly prizes. 

Of Kings And Men 1 month ago

We will definitely be adding leaderboards in the future, but won't be able to name specific categories (like pure duel stats) until it gets on to-do list for an update.


use old maps of conquest for the new conquest mode

Drakoy 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 2 months ago 1

In the start there where a bunch of old maps for conquest that are now not used anymore just checked with pogo and  the maps are stil there maybe the devs can use those maps to ad more maps in conquest so its a bit refreshing and would love to see some old maps back

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

When the new game mode was implemented, it was necessary to create new maps, since old ones weren't designed to be used with the rules. We might think about tweaking the old maps to make them work with current conquest design, but it would take roughly the same time as creating new maps, so can't promise old maps to return, but will see in the future.

We will add old maps for Skirmish though!


War Mode (large NPC battles)

Drakei 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated 2 months ago 1

Relying on other player to have fun sucks…… So here is a solution. 

War mode:  War mode would be Large conquest and/or skirmish battles with 15+ npc’s on each team duking it out. A game all players could join to get a quick action.  Players would be able to join and jump into a battle between two opposing npc forces.     I think it would be rad if each team represented a medieval army in composition, (3 knights, 7 spearmen, 5 archer/crossbow, and the rest peasant levies.  Composition could vary to make different dynamics between the 2 teams.   Maybe npc stats could also vary by class (Knights get the best stats)   Also army armour schemes should definitely differ from opposite team.  So basically we have two npc armies battling then players can jump in to the battle and bam!  You can choose the side and kill npc’s or other players who join.   Population problem solved!   If you make it offline then single player problem……. solved! You’re welcome Devs.  This mode could be similar to custom battle in M&B Warband.   It would basically be a way to have full battles without the requirement of many human players.   To add, when you (developers) get NPC commands programmed, the multiplayer options could be huge (Teams could elect a NPC commander for the team) to direct the NPC, while other player just fight it out.  Anyone who esteems this idea, feel free to leave comments on what you think would be fun with NPC in multiplayer or single player.        If you support this idea feel free to add to the idea!


play conquest or skirmish whenever you want

Percival 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 2 months ago 8

You should be able to play conquest/skirmish whenever you want like it used to be, you shouldn't need to arrange a battle and wait two years for it to possibly begin

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

We can't change the system itself, since it's all split into slots at the moment, but we'll allow for a flexible scheduling time in your immediate slot. For example, if it's 12:07 and you would like to start playing right away, instead of waiting for 23 more minutes, you'll be able to schedule a battle at 12:10.


Give the map creating tools away so people can make maps themselves

Drakoy 1 month ago in Game Modes • updated by Peedeoo7 4 weeks ago 3

Give the tools away in the knightly version so people can make a map in okam if they start up the game as dev or so let them make it for every game mode / military would really help. Because for now the players that play active the maps are really repetitive and it would make things way more intrestring for sure even if its hard to use the tools sure people figure it out would love to make some maps for militairi myself because only 2 maps is to less so i hope you are wanting to let the people help and then you guys (devs ) chooses whats getting in .

In Development

More maps for Skirmish

Ouki 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 month ago 2

Currently I think there is only 3 or 4 maps in the rotation, would like to see more dynamic maps with certain choke points and areas for cav etc, so they are still relevant for when it comes out. 

Of Kings And Men 1 month ago

More maps for Skirmish are definitely planned!

In Development

Depending upon where the "ambush/field army fighting" takes place (tile), determines what map is used in combat.

Peedeoo7 4 weeks ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 weeks ago 3

Vary simple, wherever the attacking army meets the counter-attacking force, based upon that tile it happens on uses a specific map. So if you fight on a planes tile, you fight on a planes map. if you fight next to a body of water, you use a map next to a body of water, exa. In doing so you provide a visual variety to the fields of combat in that mode. Not like these maps have to be that detailed.

Example, Open fields/low hills: use that map you teased us with the broken cart in the center and flat lands.

Forrest: per say there is a mostly straight fairly wide, well traveled road going forwards, both sides of the road has forested areas. Perhaps maybe there is a hut or two in the forest/just off the road (a small homestead with a small field?), some short stone walls on the side of the path. Maybe a stream somewhere with a teeny bridge. That simple.

Mountains: Perhaps we can have a main cobblestone road going along a steep and dangerous mountain range, perhaps in the middle is a wide precarious bridge with some less than ideal railing structures over a ravine with a decorative tributary. There may be several smaller footpaths leading around (that also lead close to the opposing forces spawns) so people can maneuver around, rocks spotting the area providing cover. Here you need to be aware that the enemy can be anywhere. Perhaps on several points there is a short ledge over the paths that opponents can hide on and jump unto unsuspecting foes. Complete with classical mountain tops, trees, and maybe a secluded spring or cave.

Near lake: Perhaps a rather smooth map that has a wide road with pleasant wooden fences that follows a lake along it's edge. Perhaps around the center a inlet is formed and it curves around that. Of course a dock or two may be included with some fishing decorations and crates. Some farmlands along the edges alongside some spare trees and lush grasses would be nice. Ideally the lake would seemingly take up half of the visible map. Or at the far side is some distant land.

I'm pretty sure its likely you will just do the random selection map thing, but please don't and consider this possibility. Also... having three more possible "ambush/field army maps" would be nice to experience.

Anyone with me on the general idea of where the conflict takes place determines the field of battle?

Of Kings And Men 3 weeks ago

As Ramses mentioned, there are two maps at the moment, and they're actually already in nightly! We'll be able to add more maps in the future of course.

In Development

Clear win/lose screens

Siegbert 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 weeks ago 4

Right now it's really not that clear when you win or lose a battle, raids especially. The round just kinda ends leaving you a little confused if you haven't paid close attention to what happened.

There should be a clear ending screen like "You have won!" "You have lost!" in big bold letters, maybe with some music indicating it.

The camera could also rotate around your body / you standing while the text shows instead of instantly going to the tab menu.


Revert back to old conquest

Ouki 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Wombacher 1 month ago 4

Right now the current conquest is barely played as it takes at least 50 players to be fun imo. The old conquest made things much more enjoyable as it created huge battles over 1 flag which changed about the map each round actually making use of the map. Then the death match round after the flag was taken was great fun, i think the fact no one wants to play it says a lot. 


"Gladiator" Game Mode (1v1, 2v2, 5v5)

Ferdnand 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by kaktus14 2 months ago 1

simple competetiv arena: my idea
add a Arena-charakter,  with fixed stats and equip -> connected to ranks (for balance)
add ranks from peasant to knight (with fix gear and stats)

add as many statistics as possible (like teamhits, shieldbreaks, kill-streaks...)
create a low-bracket rank to exlude veterans and give new player a good experience and motivation
maybe make it melee only?!


Make bloodbath mode free for all

Acri1 1 month ago in Game Modes • updated by c47 1 month ago 2

Everyone against everyone....chaos!  I think it would be more fun if the bloodbath was free for all.  It's called bloodbath after all... 


Improved "Hold your Ground" --> "Take the Outpost!"

Siegbert 1 month ago in Game Modes • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 month ago 3

"Hold your Ground" is pretty fun but it also gets a little boring as nothing changes other than the bots getting more buff. I think it would be more interesting if you could run a little like in the old Conquest mode.

Instead I would suggest a mode I'll call "Take the Outpost!":

You will spawn in a base with your player friends and you will set out to take a nearby outpost or village defended by bots.

They will run at you in waves and you need to kill 3 waves of bots spawning from this outpost in order to be able to take it.

After that you can move to the next outpost and fight of ever stronger enemies to take it. You can have up to 10 of those outposts on the map to make it interesting.

If you fail and all of your players die you will lose the latest outpost.

Of Kings And Men 1 month ago

Sounds like a new mode instead of HYG improvements! We will do some changes for Hold Your Ground though, so it's more diverse and interesting, and also fixing some of the issues.

In short, bots will be divided into classes like "Peasant", "Tank", etc. Different waves will then have different classes and sometimes even bosses. There will also be a secondary objective for bots, so you won't be able to just sit under a bridge and hit them, since they would just go for their other objective.

We might think about more "arcade" modes like that though, since it allows for some fun instead of being super serious PvP. This suggestion sounds like fun, so will keep it to bring it up later.


the impotance of an open world.

Lord Geist 2 months ago in Game Modes • updated by Ouki 2 months ago 2

with the new arena we may as well make an open world, I've heard it from many people already "this game has nice castles, i hope the will make it open world" there's a lot we can do with an open world game especially if there isn't going to be a single player game mode, it will be very important that we can role-play outside of the battles. we're gonna need a bigger map.

its also gives us a place to put the bots that like to murder each other in the lobby cause its a bit annoying that they are there, id rather encounter a battle between the bots while roaming the open world as it brings a new dynamic to the game


Flag capture interrupted: Your character controls are inverted and you move slowly

Chralex 1 week ago in Game Modes • updated yesterday at 1:58 p.m. 1

This happened to me when I tried to capture a flag in a skirmish, the round ended nearly simultaneously with me finishing the capture. A workaround to the issue is just to rejoin the match.

The video exhibits, inverted character controls, and locked mouse.

I've also had it happen in all other game modes where there are items with a progress bar, if you get interrupted, e.g. by being attacked or kicked you'll become harmless.

This occurs quite often, and I'm surprised that I couldn't find any bug report on it, I'd almost think it is a known issue.


Quest suggestions, like ones that require bashes in combat, pure kills, aka improved to inclide more.

Peedeoo7 2 weeks ago in Game Modes • updated by Ser Twenty Goodmen 1 week ago 1

Simply put, I'm suggesting more quests with different objectives than what we currently have. Here, i'll list a few, feel free to list your ideas below.

Quest 1: Simple quest that requests you to kick and bash opponents a certain amount of times. Could be called "marshal arts".

Quest 2: A purely kill and assist related quest, vary stock but works. could be called "manslaughter".

Quest 3: Rounds/matches completed without team hits. Simple quest that would help practice the art of not playing target practice with there buddies, I'm sure there is only a mere handful of people that would like me to practice this quest.... for the rest if my existence... Name could be "Watch what your doing!" or something....

Quest 4: Simple thing really, not dying. But can be so hard to achieve. Really the goal is surviving matches, and to promote  self preservation. Maybe with this on peoples minds maybe they will think up clever ways to keep themselves, and perhaps others, from biting the dust. Name could be "not one of the body pile" or "No more biting the dust".

Quest 5: Militari related actions, from releasing attacks, using troops in rallies, simply viewing it and signing up for events (and coming), or putting gold in the treasury. Really the goal is to have this stimulate conflicts. Name could be "steppingstones to glory", "Lead, and others will follow", exa.

Quest 6: use emotion stances, say/shout something (vary easy quest, maybe best as tutorial quest), maybe through this new people will learn how to do these easy to do actions, at worst someone waved 10 times in a row and shouted hello at the opponent five times during a swordfight. Name could be "Performance" or something.