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Inform new clans that they can have custom banners

Siegbert 3 months ago in Community • updated by Of Kings And Men 2 months ago 3

When you're creating a clan you should be notified that you can have your custom banner by sending them in.

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

That's true that some clans don't check the forums, so will add that.


Officer Positions in Clans to have more than the leader accept recruits

Fistball 6 days ago in Community • updated by kaktus14 6 days ago 1

South American server

Primo 1 week ago in Community • updated by Emil 6 days ago 1

Bring back the South America server that we had at the start of OKAM's life. We have a big community that would love to join and play the game again, as it isn't playable for us right now (can't even join some servers)


Allow Trading gold and equipment?

Tapood 1 week ago in Community • updated by Ser Twenty Goodmen 1 week ago 1

has its uses, like helping out a new member of the clan by giving him a sword i got from a chest 

or trade away a sword at 75% of its price,both the buyer and seller benefit from it.


Player/stat info API

clementk 1 month ago in Community 0

hey there !

a little thing to do and it would be great for most of team, would be to have a little API who could by the steamID  read info on Player , like stats , how much troops they got , playing time ect , like it already exist on many other game it let us the possibility to use this kind of API on a website and get the information (make it much better for leader of a team to manage it by getting this kind of info)