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Custom colored gear

Siegbert 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Crixus 2 months ago 5

In addition to clan emblems we need gear to be customizable in color, especially surcoats, shields and helmets. The plain white ones won't cut it.

Ideally it wouldn't be just plain colors but a couple of different styles to choose from like one half this color, one half the other or horizontal/diagonal stripes. Whatever fits the 13th century theme.

The actual clan emblems could be optional so it still looks good in the end.

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

There are several complications with equipment colouring, and while technical issues and UI difficulties could be all solved with time, there are other big questions that would need to be answered before we can guarantee that it will be added. For example, allowing to freely pick colours would definitely lead to obvious immersion breaking by selecting ones that don't fit the century, and providing pre-selected colours would limit the number of designs.

Won't be focusing on pure visual improvements at the moment, since gameplay requires quite a lot of dedication, but will be discussing it further in the future, and will update the state of the idea once there is a conclusion.


Archers secondary custom

Bjornsariu 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Of Kings And Men 1 month ago 2

It would be great if you can make that archers have option change the 1h weapons.Like archer can choose have knightly swords instead of axe.



cacareaza18 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Mara 2 months ago 5


Of Kings And Men 3 months ago

Definitely yes!


Open World

Ouki 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Of Kings And Men 2 months ago 2

A open world either in lobby or Militari or both, kinda self explanatory here but yea, a open world please. 

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

Wilderness is planned to be added later, which some seem to call a "basic open world", but there are no plans for huge persistent areas. At least not yet.


Do the original "Stronghold mode" from Kickstarter

Siegbert 2 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by kaktus14 2 months ago 6

The original idea of Stronghold was the pearl of the old Melee Battlegrounds before the Kickstarter failed and they tried to do the Epic instead and epically failed doing it.

However, the idea was fun and I'm sure it would attract many people far more than any of the purely combat centered modes we currently have or that are currently being worked on.

You have a little bit of everything:

Building your village, conquering resources, sieging.


Take away the reward for 2nd and 3rd place in first season of militari

Lillebror 3 weeks ago in Crazy Idea • updated by PaNzAr 1 week ago 1

You don't see any 3rd or 2nd place "winners" get a gold medal in the Olympics, do you? 


Desync Fix

Ouki 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 months ago 1

Fix the issue of desync which stops this game becoming truly competitive for both melee and ranged players.

Of Kings And Men 3 months ago

Will definitely have to fix the issue, but no time estimation yet. Pretty major one, so would mean that it's not possible to work on other features in the meantime.



Fox 2 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Peedeoo7 2 months ago 1

Rain, snow, fog, etc..


Smoother camera transitions when backed against the wall

Siegbert 2 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated 2 months ago 0

When near a wall the camera shouldn't suddenly snap onto it but smoothly transition like being held back by a force field (shown in green).

It would do away with having to deal with camera flickering.


Realistic Weapons Forging

Ross the Great 2 months ago in Crazy Idea 0

This is something I've wanted to suggust for quite some time. As a real blacksmith I want to see a game that allows someone to actually take an ingot of metal and forge a weapon out of it! 

How this would work is you click in a certain area on the metal to act as a hammer blow and the mesh grid is moved according to the strength of the blows (Defined by keys or by UI elements) Stronger will obviously move more metal, and lighter less metal moved. This can expand the mesh of the object if it gets thin enough or is in the correct area to expand. (Possibility of different kinds of hammers for different as well) You can rotate the ingot as needed (with bounding boxes for the anvil and such)

Once the player is done forging the weapon they must define what kind of weapon it is.

They can the move to a grindstone and define the edge of the weapon(by moving the edge of the weapon to touch the grindstone, or if the weapon was defined as a blunt weapon it just skips the grindstone and allows for the placement of the handle, which will define what kind of weapon it is) this all will have a certain amount of skill to it and skilled smiths can create high quality weapons!

(When the weapon is done the stats can be calculated fairly easily by surface area, and angle of cutting edge, and weight of the weapon, taken by density and volume) This allows for COMPLETELY costomisable weapons. 

This is a bit long but I'd love to have this in game! I love forging and I'd love to be able to forge someone a truely beautiful weapon.


Graphical Overhaul: Shadows and light

Crixus 3 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated 3 months ago 0

since game was released there was specific "light settings" which made the combat significant worse. It is pretty hard to see the swords especially under the shadows of some tree models also it doesnt look really good currently


Changing How Flags Work in Raids?

Malecar 1 month ago in Crazy Idea • updated by Siegbert 1 month ago 2

Essentially, the idea first came to me not only from the game RO2, but also the MMORTS Shattered Galaxy where people would fight over points on a map called POCs (the acronym for Point of Contention). For Shattered Galaxy's case, you needed to plant really beefy units on a small pad and capture it over a period of time. The following is mostly taken from the example of how Red Orchestra 2 worked.

Instead of having to rely on flag cappers in order to secure a point in a raid, the attacking team could capture a point by achieving its supremacy on a point by superior numbers. This system could work on behalf of the attackers even if the defenders vastly outnumber them if there's a respawn penalty that becomes harsher based on team balance - that penalty would encourage better usage of tickets in the battles and less waste by both sides depending on who's facing the respawn penalty.

How the point of contention would work is that once you enter a points "zone of influence" I guess, you can start to influence to which team that point will go; if you're on the defending team and you're sitting on A, nothing will happen if the point is fully secure. However, if there are 12 attackers on A but only 10 defenders, their influence will begin to slowly decrease - but only slowly, because they haven't fully asserted their supremacy against the defenders in that area. Back-capping also won't be as viable, since the more people you have on a point, the faster it takes to capture it.

With a system like this, it can do multiple things at once. It'll emphasize the objectives even more and slow down back-capping, which the community has taken an issue with. If people also play smarter with their tickets, this might open up room for more raids in the future if they have more leftovers to work with (like that one day we had nine on EU West, as exhausting as that was).


"The Barracks"

Mara 2 months ago in Crazy Idea 0

Instead of a point and click menu, maybe when a player presses play, they get put into a small room instead with some of their items that they own on display and little interactive assets like going into town i.e. lobby , changing equipment, stats, chest room, battle scheduler.

each function could be linked to an interactive asset that has a UI pop-up

for equipment have separate "display" assets for weapon types,armor types


Water mechanics

Emil 2 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated 2 months ago 4

After blood, horses and other more important features, I think it would also be necessary to add some water mechanics, as currently its just as if the water wouldn't exist when you get in. 

These mechanics should include:

  • slower movement when in shallow water
  • dying when under water
  • water movement, when you touch it
  • evtl. ability to swim: toggle button to change from running mode to swimming mode, which costs a lot of stamina, depending on your armor.

would need some time, of course, but for immersions sake, it's really necessary!


Personal coat of arms

Siegbert 2 months ago in Crazy Idea • updated 2 months ago 0

I would like to have a personal coat of arms in addition to the one provided by my clan.

It could be used in the barracks simply to identify your character

And in the clan list so you quickly see who is who. It also brings a little bit of medieval immersion with it

And you should be able to either wear your personal or you clan coat of arms on your surcoat for various occasions... let's say you play for yourself and don't want to bother with clan business atm and just want to look a bit different.

Or you're in a tournament where clan affiliations don't matter and personal identification is more important.