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Make naked people die in one hit

Ramses 3 months ago in Balancing • updated 2 months ago 5

Don't care how you do it, just make naked people consistently die in one hit. Going naked shouldn't be a viable game tactic as opposed to wearing armour. 

Of Kings And Men 2 months ago

It's actually a pretty complicated change, since it would have to work around the stat system. It would also require a lot of balancing calculations to make sure it wouldn't break anything in the game. It's a good suggestion, and many people like it, but it involves lots of different things, while affecting only a very small part of the game (trolls who run around naked).

Since encumbrance has a starting value, wearing nothing and wearing light armour has no difference on actual stats, so it's basically only a visual change.


Helmets falling off after getting shot in the head.

kaktus14 1 month ago in Balancing • updated 1 month ago 9

I think many of you noticed that getting one shot in the head no matter what helmet you got is normal. Despite the fact helmets are really heavy they dont give you almost any protection against arrows. In my oppinion only those who decided not to take the helmet in favour of speed should be penalized by 1 shot in the head.

I have been thinking what would be the best way how to balance this for a while. Originally I wanted to decrease damage of arrows but its a bad choice because body hits are fairly balanced. Recently I remembered Chivalry had helmets that fell off after getting hit by arrow or throwing weapon. So why not to have this in okam. First hit in the head would stun the knight and he would lose the helmet. Without helmet second hit would be lethal and it doesnt matter if its with arrow or sword.

This will encourage archers to shoot in the legs and body instead of going for easy kills in the head. It will decrease amount of damage build archers/naked archers because even with 15 damage you will be able to 2 shot a guy in the head. With these changes flat bow will be finally a viable option and archers with more armor aswell. Not to mention that with less damage archer sidearm will no longer kill everybody in 2 hits.

I made this suggestion not only to highlight how bad helmets are atm. But also to point out that getting one hit in the head is really frustrating for everybody. I am personally just annoyed but a lot of players especially the new ones are leaving because of that. Perfect example of this are skirmish maps where 40 people manage to leave in matter of 20 minutes just because too many people started to play with the bow. This is actually one of the main reasons why skirmish maps are completely dead right now.

Of Kings And Men 1 month ago

Would be a pretty big feature, so can't say just yet when it can be implemented. Unless helmets simply disappear, would also need work on art and physics engine, but sounds like a really fun thing with helmets dropping off!

Helmets will get a bit of a buff in the next update, since they'll have mail coifs instead of linen coifs, so it might decrease a number of one-hit headshots (melee hits too of course).


Item overhaul

Ouki 3 months ago in Balancing • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 months ago 1

Every stat and value to do with the current in game items needs to be changed and balanced to fit the game. At the minute theres no reason to use different swords or armors as most of them are very similar stat wise. 

Of Kings And Men 3 months ago

Can't promise every stat and value to be changed, since many of them actually make sense (like weight) but a total rebalance is planned for sure.


Skills system

Bluu 1 month ago in Balancing 0

I find the current stats description a bit generic, can we have more in depth datas about how they works?

For example, attack speed affect the actual swing speed or just the recovery time between attacks? Running speed affect even the walk speed or just lower the encumbrance cap? Boosting attack gives a +X% damage bonus or a flat one?

Thanks if answer :)


Remove Attack Speed and Movement Speed stat

Brim 2 weeks ago in Balancing 0

They impose a huge balancing issue and have tipped the scales in the community for a long time. Gear and weapons already have stats that can be balanced, but with other factors introduced from attack speed it makes most weapons stats mute. High attack speeds are very evident and broken, higher attack speed not only allows someone to have a faster swing; they can return to the guard state faster as their swing is shorter time wise, and bad blocks have less of an effect.

With movement speed, much of the combat in this game is actually dependent on movement. Often the person with the highest movement speed will win, and that is because it is near impossible to keep someone from circling you even when you match their direction of movement. 

I understand that the reasoning is that, someone with higher movement speed and attack speed has less health, but with armor health stat becomes less noticeable, and damage stat doesn't matter if you can hit your opponent over and over because your speed far outmatches theirs. The game play would be much more balanced across the community if movement and speed augmentations were removed and instead these stats rely on gear.