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cacareaza18 3 weeks ago • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 weeks ago 1

Weapon sheathing and secondary weapons

System-Zero 6 days ago 0

Small quality of life suggestion : We should be able to make a couple of pre-set equipment loadouts to easily swap your gear. Un equipping each individual piece and re equipping the new gear is pretty annoying and time consuming.

System-Zero 6 days ago 0

New sub section UI in the equipment window when having a bow / xbow equipped. Have a section of 8 bars / slots and let the player choose what type of arrows he wants to carry in those slots. This would allow you to carry 30 of one type, or a variety of each in what ever proportions you choose.

Vektis 2 days ago • updated by kaktus14 6 hours ago 1

In the dev log it was implied pvp in the wilderness might be aggravating for players trying to complete quests or other non pvp activities.
So why not make a certain area of the wilderness for Pvp only. With a warning before you crossed into pvp areas that warn you. You could even make it more interesting and have players lose a certain amount of coins on death or gear they're wearing. But if a loot system was added there probably should be a safe pvp area where nothing happens on death and a dangerous area where the items are dropped on death for the hard core players. I personally would love that. Pvp is way more exciting when theres a big risk

Of Kings And Men 2 weeks ago

Some basic gambling like a minigame in the lobby would be possible, but not a brothel! We don't even have female characters, so not sure if everyone would like the idea...