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Weapon sheathing and secondary weapons

cacareaza18 3 months ago • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 months ago 1

Weapon sheathing and secondary weapons


Clan Symbols/Custom Symbols on Shields

Drion 1 month ago • updated by Siegbert 1 month ago 1

We already have it for the armor. but how cool would it be to have a shield wal of shields with The Clan Heraldry instead of Plain/Plain with a Cross


Make defenders of neutral fiefs travel

Siegbert 3 days ago • updated by kaktus14 2 days ago 2

So, I was thinking: we should want clans to get their neutral fiefs quickly in order for the real clan v clan fun to commence. But the way it is now bigger clans can either totally boycot any new clan's attemps at getting their fiefs or they can just help each other get them (carebearing).

I think a neutral fief should not really be something you have to fight over. It's a personal matter of any clan. However, just as the new clan itself has to gather an army to get to their fief, so could any other clan that want's to either contest that or help them.

So it's a bit like the new ambush mechanic: another clans has to build an army and march them in the vicinity of the new clan. If they manage to get to the fief in time they can contest it and a battle between those two clans will be scheduled. Any other clan who wants to fight in this battle also has to get an army there.

Since most of the time another clan's army wouldn't form up and travel so quickly the new clan will be able to take their fiefs without any combat. Their army should be able to continue traveling to their other fiefs without having to be formed anew at their stronghold.



Armour sets / Loadouts

System-Zero 2 months ago 0

Small quality of life suggestion : We should be able to make a couple of pre-set equipment loadouts to easily swap your gear. Un equipping each individual piece and re equipping the new gear is pretty annoying and time consuming.



Fox 2 months ago 0

Schedule a week or two to work on optimization it is really needed.


Custom arrow loadouts

System-Zero 2 months ago 0

New sub section UI in the equipment window when having a bow / xbow equipped. Have a section of 8 bars / slots and let the player choose what type of arrows he wants to carry in those slots. This would allow you to carry 30 of one type, or a variety of each in what ever proportions you choose.


Increase team hit damage

kaktus14 2 months ago 0

Right now team hit damage is on 40% if I am not mistaken. This encourage players to spam in the big battles instead of carefully aiming their hits. Which result in even more teamhits and also make 1vmany much harder. I am suggesting to increase team hit damage to atleast 60%. I know it might be annoying sometimes to get killed by a teammate but it will make the battles much more enjoyable and decrease the spam in general.


Pvp in the wilderness

Vektis 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

In the dev log it was implied pvp in the wilderness might be aggravating for players trying to complete quests or other non pvp activities.
So why not make a certain area of the wilderness for Pvp only. With a warning before you crossed into pvp areas that warn you. You could even make it more interesting and have players lose a certain amount of coins on death or gear they're wearing. But if a loot system was added there probably should be a safe pvp area where nothing happens on death and a dangerous area where the items are dropped on death for the hard core players. I personally would love that. Pvp is way more exciting when theres a big risk


brotherls, whorehouses, and gambling. You can spend your hard earned in game gold in some virtual fun!

Acri 3 months ago • updated by Of Kings And Men 3 months ago 1
Of Kings And Men 3 months ago

Some basic gambling like a minigame in the lobby would be possible, but not a brothel! We don't even have female characters, so not sure if everyone would like the idea...


Upgrading weapon models (distinquishing features)

lczulno 2 months ago 0

I think weapons look almost identical - obviously they differ in stats but they don't differ much in appearance. That is a shame since it would add a lot of flavour to the game. Adding a different hilt colour or making the weapons look more different would be a huge thing for a lot of people.


remove all arrows in arena

Mara 2 months ago 0

please, it really takes out the fun in the game mode. it would be much nicer to be surprised in such a pretty free for all map.